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Global index Mar 2021

The best digital strategies in the banking sector in Spain

In the last few years, companies operating in the Banking sector have had to digitize their processes and services, especially due to the emergence of new players in the Fintech industry. At Alqua, we have analyzed, with our own technology based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, the national banks operating in Spain at a digital level and we have developed a report with the companies with the best digital performance in this sector. Download our report and discover which companies have outperformed in the sector.

Table of contents

What's inside?


Industry overview: ranking

Top Banks in Spain


Analysis of the best brands

Sub Rankings with the best brands in the sector according to the different KPIs


Study of the best posts in the sector

Analysis of the contents that worked best in the different social networks


Exclusive industry insights

Thanks to our own technology, Alqua Cloud, we have been able to produce the most accurate insights



Trends and reflections on the sector

Key learnings

What’s included?

The data revolves around:

Ranking by social network

Complete analysis of the best campaigns

Exclusive industry insights

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