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tech products

Powering growth

We develop and implement technology to cover all your marketing efforts and bring the highest return to your company.

key to success

We automate marketing strategies through technology

Third-party technologies implementation

We understand organizations' critical challenges to determine and implement excellent marketing technology that constantly optimize their processes and increase revenue.

Our own technology: Alqua Cloud

We create products for marketing & digital teams, covering their major needs and including the latest technologies on AI and Machine Learning to the industry.

one-stop tool

Alqua Cloud

Alqua Cloud allows brands and companies to understand consumer insights, trends, influencers, and brand perception.

Alqua Free Tools

Explore the potential of our suite of tools through free versions to optimize your marketing strategies and achieve the best business results.

Our differentiation

Innovation at the core

Alqua Ultimate Design Team

Creating digital products to generate posibilities

Our design team is constantly evolving and adapting to new trends and directions.

Thinking about design helps us to break creative boundaries and keep growing.

Alqua Intelligence

Data-driven decisions to make smarter companies

Our Intelligence Team is always looking for the best technologies and new functionalities that we can implement to improve processes and results.

We asses and implement third-party technology to reach excellence.

Alqua API Team

Master's of APIs to be one step ahead of the industry changes

Our API Team studies these changes to be prepared and pivot quickly.

Alqua AI Team

Artificial Intelligence to lead the change

AI is constantly evolving. We power our clients´ digital strategies with Watson's natural language processing or using Open AI. Our Artificial Intelligence Team using NLP can detect emerging trends, perform predictive analytics, and gain operational insights. Integrated deep learning and machine learning techniques constantly improves the language models to provide high-quality information.

achieve your best results

Automate your marketing efforts with Alqua Cloud

Drive ROI to your company right now. Take a personalized tour of the tool and start boosting your marketing strategies.